Asheville Mutual Aid (Ama)

We are a not a charity or a non-profit. We are a network of people in the same boat. All of us  or potentially vulnerable to the whims of our bosses and landlords. This doesn’t have to be that case.  The vision for Asheville Mutual Aid is to create a climate in which bosses and landlords think twice before stiffing those under them, and if they do it anyway, we all come together to fight back!

We are not lawyers or social workers, we are a group of volunteers who mostly have backgrounds in service work and general poorly paid, easily exploitable labor. We will fight accordingly, based in what we know and what makes sense to us. This usually means flyering or picketing a business after issuing a letter of demands to an employer. Each campaign will be evaluated on a case by case basis, but this is the general framework from which we tend to work.

Every one of us has suffered from unjust treatment by employers, landlords, or other people in power who hold an unacceptable amount of influence over our lives.  We’ve learned from experience that the only way we’ll be treated with dignity is by being prepared to stand up to such people and defend our rights.  It’s difficult – almost impossible – to do this alone. That’s why we’ve come together, and we’re seeking out other people in similar circumstances who feel the same way.  Together we can find ways of dealing with abusive bosses, greedy landlords, and those who would deny us, our friends, families, neighbors and co-workers the right to a decent life.


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